IT Consulting

Optimize the potential of your IT infrastructure through our highly professional consultation service. We provide advice, recommendations as well as fresh perspectives that will help track and eradicate technology deficiencies. Our expertise in analytics, surveying and auditing IT systems makes us a better choice for advising you on various matters related to your information technology needs. Once you have that full report and recommendations in hands, it will help you take better decisions about where you want your business to be tomorrow.


Project Management & Deployment

We offer full managed project deployment services, the entire process. Every project has its own challenge, they are not alike from one to the other. We provide thorough attention in planning and documenting each and every step, we stay ahead of things and we are able to tailor to any given situation as it may arise. The projects are managed according to best-practice project processes. And because we understand your needs and timing, everything happens smoothly as we organize our team to work with yours and the vendors. You can leave the IT projects to us so that it is usual day to day business operations for you.


IT Support

Our IT support team consist of highly qualified members, ready to take care of your IT needs. The team is available for you by either email or by calling into our office. You will always have someone who can take care of you. Our dedicated IT team collaborates together, allowing your employees to get to know everyone on the team. We offer full support on your infrastructure components such as; Workstations, Servers, Printers, Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Cabling, Storage, WIFI, UPS, Video-Conferencing equipment, Displays, IPAM appliances and telecommunication systems.


Software Services Support and Web Development

We provide full support to your software environment such as; Windows Servers, Web Servers, Exchange Servers, Anti-Spam appliances, File Servers, Managed Print Servers, SQL/MySQL Databases, SharePoint, CITRIX, MS-Dynamics, Anti-Virus, Web Servers, Mobile and Tablet (android/iOS) management. We also have established partnerships with various vendors offering either CRM, SAP, SAS, SaaS and PaaS solutions as well as custom software development.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Businesses today need experts to help them develop a reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution plan that adheres to their needs. We can provides and help you develop a solution in the event of a service disruption. Our service is performed by professionals with experience in IT continuous operations. The last thing any organization needs is to learn that their IT Disaster Recovery Continuity capability isn’t fully effective right at the moment when it’s needed the most. The cost for any business in this situation would be huge and could have a direct impact on their clients.